Disney Creates A TRON-inspired Collection


Disney must be hoping it’s latest flick TRON: Legacy will be a huge hit because the company has already designed a collection of shoes, jewelry, and accessories based off the movie!

But more surprisingly is the fact that some of the items actually look pretty good.

Turns out that’s thanks to the fact Disney enlisted the help of designers Rousseau, Hayden-Harnett, Rotenier and TomTom in creating the line.

The collection features a limited edition 5-inch heel inspired by the film’s female warrior, Quorra.

Disney Consumer Products’ executive VP reveals:

“In developing these TRON-inspired collections, we saw a natural fit for today’s modern woman who blends fashion and technology in her daily routine. The films’ lead female character was also a great inspiration due to her strong and fearless attitude.

Combined with the design talents behind these fashion labels and their affinity for TRON, we have the perfect mix to deliver a line that will resonate with women all around.”

But the line isn’t cheap with most items retailing for $90-$2,600. The Quorra Couture Platform Sandals alone sell for $650.

What do U thik of the collection?

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