On a recent studio visit with Los Angeles artist Edward Cao I managed to convince him to let The Citrus Report take a look inside his sketchbook, which many artists keep locked away from prying eyes due to the nature of sketchbooks being rough unfinished ideas or the base for bigger paintings. While the artists often are unsatisfied with the work in this lose form, other people often find this work beautiful and precious.

I have always been a fan of studies. I often enjoy studies as much as the finished works themselves, as it gives you a glimpse into the process and progress that takes place in the artists mind. While painters often over think and over work paintings, sketchbooks are a medium that allows them to just flow and paint or draw with no consequence as it is not likely to be seen by the public or their gallery.

Edward was kind enough to relinquish some of this control as we agreed that seeing an artists process/progress can make you understand and enjoy the their work even more. Here is a glimpse into the process/progress of Edward Cao, which happens to be very beautiful. —j.frede


1. what artists influence or inspire you lately?

Marlene Dumas–i love the fluidity of her work.

Antony Micallef–brutal and beautiful, i could stare for hours…

Anything El Mac and Retna do–just mind blowing and mind boggling

2. what was the last exhibition you went to that made you want to go home and paint? ( *)

Robbie Conal’s show at Country Club Projects was great, always nice to get up close and look at his thick waves of oil paint. The most recent David Choe exhibition in LA was pretty inspiring, too. He had so much work across so many different mediums I was blown away. It made me want to just get back to work, and I love that feeling.

3. name 3 lesser known artists that you think are dope?

these artists are all kicking ass, but i think they deserve more attention and money of course:

Drew Beckmeyer, Joshua Abram Howard, and Lady Gaga.

(* I asked this question because EVERY time I see Joshua Petker at openings around LA he is always antsy to get back home and paint, props to Joshua)

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