Frank Ocean: Nostalgia, ULTRA.

I know it’s not Wednesday and I have been neglecting The Wipe these last few weeks but in my defense it was spring break and all. With that being said, I would like to talk about Frank Ocean for a quick bit.

California resident and member of the hip hop group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill All or OFWGKA , you can find them at, the singer Frank Ocean debuts his solo record nostalgia, ULTRA. This record is an eclectic combination of generation’s influences and sounds. He samples Chris Martin on “Strawberry Swing” and brings Radiohead into his intro for “Songs for women.” The rest of the album is just as powerful as “There will be tears” and “American Wedding” where he samples the classic “Hotel California” on his own terms.

What I love about Frank Ocean’s nostalgia, ULTRA. is that it’s not over done or forced. It’s just COMPLETE and full of great tracks that are memorable and catchy. As a girl, I have to admit that I love the lovey-dovey songs, well, because I’m a girl and they make my lady parts beep. BUT for all you gentleman listeners there are tracks like “Novacane” and “Love Crimes” in which narrates his experiences with women and love and sex.

Do yourself a favor and download his record.  IT’S A SUMMER MUST!

” Every book in here I wrote, some I’m not too proud of, some I wish I could burn.”

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