Sugar Does Portland

Friday night at The Refuge on SE Yamhill was a long night filled with fashion, art, photography, and local music. Attendees had time to peruse a few vendors set up before the fashion segment including Jillian Lambert, Robin Guderian, Tina Marie, Lovebomb, Infamous Items, Indigo Inspired, Nakate Project, Opalie, Divine Cafe, and Ampersand Adornments. The lineup of designers in chronological order: Fierce Jungle (Los Angeles), Da Bidnez (Los Angeles), PrettyPrettyRebel (Philadelphia), Shameless Glamour (Seattle), Stone Crow Designs (Seattle), Totally Trashed (Spokane), Nakate Project (World), Portland designers: Cotton Candy Punk, Indigo Inspired, Adah Lux, Tina Marie, Lovebomb, Infamous Items, Grape Juicy. Hair and makeup provided by Paul Mitchel of Portland. Live musical preformances by LMC and Sistafist.