Fade to Light: Bryce Black of Studio SKB

One of our favorite local designers, Bryce Black, also known from Project Runway, showcased his latest collection at the Fade to Light fashion show this past Wednesday at the Crystal Ballroom. He showed solids in a unique pallet of black, navy, grey, mint, accented with large, simplistic gold cuffs, provided and made by our own editor, Colton Lee Helfrecht!

“This was by far Bryce’s best show I have seen in person. He gets fashion. He knows what works. I like that in this line he kept it about design. Keeping the fabric simple and classic and putting work and design into the silhouette of the garment. The gold accents are what really brought the collection to a whole new level of sophistication. This was definitely my favorite designer of the night. The Buzzcutt loves you, BB!” -Colton Lee

Photos by Nikaya Kay