FASHIONxt: Night 1

Wednesday was opening night for newly rebranded Portland Fashion Week, FASHIONxt. The same venue as previous years, Vigor Industrial Shipyards, housed a great turnout for designers Seth Aaron, Viktor Luna, their Intel Personal Cloud Collection collaboration, Reborn by Soham Dave, and Atelier Exclusively Yours. This year’s fashion week is focused on emerging fashion and technology in various ways, one including the Intel Personal Cloud. There is an after party each night at Saucebox. Hope to see you there!

Also, friends/family of models and designers: Contact us and we can email you your pictures. We have shots of every look, but we don’t post everything as we are still trying to get our galleries set up where everything will eventually be posted for the public. Thanks for the support!

Seth Aaron & Viktor Luna Personal Cloud Collection

Reborn by Soham Dave

Atelier Exclusively Yours

Viktor Luna

Photos by Nikaya Bonifacio